‘All democracies have to stand together, or they will fall separately’

1 week ago 18
Sky News host Andrew Bolt says all the world's democracies "have got to stand together, or they will fall separately" stating "China is already at war with us" in the grey zone where it conducts strategic operations short of an all-out war. Mr Bolt said China's Foreign Affairs Spokesman Wang Wenbin looks like an "overdressed shoe salesman" but is talking like "some B-Grade movie gangster" as he threatens "countries all over the world". "You can see for yourself just how many threats to how many countries this puffed up mouthpiece for China's dictator makes in just one hour of a media briefing," he said. "Spokesman Wang warned Taiwan's democratic government to shut up about being independent, or else, saying Taiwan's separatist forces were making provocations by seeking independence. "Wang also accused the US of trying to hurt China with Europe's support. Wang also warned the German Greens, who may win government, against criticising China. "Something very serious is happening, and this threat is not coming from people we can reason with. China won't even talk to our ministers."
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