Australian businesses need to ‘buy back Australia’

1 week ago 14
Queensland LNP Senator Matt Canavan has asked where the Australian business are "who are willing to buy back Australia" from foreign investors, calling for corporate leaders to start flying Australian flags and not just "rainbow flags". "I believe the security situation has changed in the last five to six years," he said. "Five or six years ago the defence department said they did not have a concern with the lease of the Darwin Port to this company but it's worthy to review that - given the actions we've seen from China in recent years. "If it were to come to the fact we should reacquire this asset for Australia, I'd like to see Australian companies support and buy out the port. "It would be great to see Australian corporate leaders, not just fly rainbow flags in their offices, but also to fly Australian flags, defending and supporting our nation and helping us buy back Australia."
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