NSW announces $50 million support package to fight the state’s plague of mice

1 month ago 10
The New South Wales agriculture minister has announced a $50 million to address the state’s mouse plague with at least eight stations to be established to treat grain in regional areas free of charge. The government is trying to access the strongest bait which will kill mice within 24 hours and $500 household rebates and $1,000 small business rebates will also be available for buying baits. NSW Farmers President James Jackson said the plague was “unprecedented” and due to the large amounts of cereal stubble left in the ground after last year’s “big season”. “We leave the stubble - we don’t put sheep in it anymore. We actually leave it there to manage the soil … so it doesn’t blow away in a drought,” he said. “So perversely, if you like, best practice management of the cereal stubbles leaves a lot of feed on the ground. “We’re anticipating this to actually happen more often so that’s why the package includes a research angle”. Mr Jackson told Sky News the support package also includes workshops on how to use the baits in a “strategic” way to ensure they are effective.
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