Scott Morrison: Australia should not ‘import the troubles’ of Gaza

1 month ago 26
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has cautioned Australians not to “import the troubles” of other countries, as the ongoing clash between Israel and Palestine escalates. Approximately 1,500 rockets have been fired into Israel by Hamas since Monday (local time), escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine in what has been described as the worst conflict since 2014. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health more than 60 Palestinians have died during the skirmish while Israel has claimed seven lives have been lost. Mr Morrison said Australia is a “peaceful country” and believed in a two-state solution, but stressed the issues in Gaza should not played out domestically. “We want to ensure that people live in this country with tolerance and respect,” he said. “People can have concerns and views, and there’s tolerance for that, but at the same time we do not want to import the troubles of other parts of the world into this country.”
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