UniLodge offers up student accommodation to quarantine international students

1 month ago 31
UniLodge CEO Tomas Johnsson says student accommodation could function in a similar way to hotel quarantine if the organisation is selected to participate in New South wales’ efforts to bring over international students. This comes after NSW Police and health officials signed off on a proposal which would see international students quarantine for two weeks at the cost of the university sector without the support of the Commonwealth. “The proposal is not ours specifically, it’s the NSW government’s, so they are the ones that are managing the process,” Mr Johnsson said. “If indeed we were to be part of it … we’d be very similar to the hotel quarantine program. “I think the difference between hotels in general and student accommodation is the fact that … we are used to having cohorts living in our buildings for a long period of time. “So we have pastoral care for example that is unique to our industry. “In our organisation, with UniLodge, we have dedicated health apps with geofencing around buildings, so we can have much tighter control of the cohorts in our buildings”.
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